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Orientations, Meanings, Apparatus

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The study tests the discursive limits of current models of the human sensorium.

    I (i) - I (vii)

Some preliminary polemics

    0.0 - 0.14

Outlines how the eye/ear pair has been mapped onto the mind/body dichotomy and how this mapping constructs a passive sensorium in which are entrenched anti-intellectual and anti-erotic stances. Calls for an examination of the dialectical interplay between sensation and cogitation through a re-valuation of the role of abstraction in acts of reading and perception.

Prosthetics &

    1.0 - 1.95

Compares the work of Marshall McLuhan and Walter Benjamin as they implicitly engage Jungian psychology. Argues that both thinkers approach movement and change in a dichotomous fashion. In their texts, the division between the temporal and spatial arts stands unmoved. So too, remain unchallenged the sensory biases at work in the dyadic models of reproductive politic.

    2.0 - 2.58

Using the anthropological findings of Marilyn Strathern, this chapter examines the ethno-scientific assumptions that underlay the theories of social and biological reproduction developed by Louis Althusser and Mary O'Brien. The one's occularcentrism and the other's undertheorizing of the tactile inhibit a dialectical understanding of human interaction.

    3.0 - 3.48

Concerned with the deployment of sensory organizations in theory-making about models themselves, this chapter examines Paul Ricoeur's critique of Griemas's generative trajectory from the elementary structure of signification to narrative structures. Argues that Turing machines and models of autopoesis derived from them provide tools for avoiding the impasse of precedence that arises in sharp distinction between syntax and semantics, distinctions rooted in a temporal and spatial classification of the arts.

Dyads & Dialectics
   4.0 - 4.91

Continues to trace the consequences for theory-making of sensory organizations: this time from the perspective of interpretation. The focus is upon the dichotomist versus dialectical epistemologies in feminist thinkers (Susan Bordo, Jane Flax, Dorothy Smith and the writing team of Liz Stanley and Sue Wise) and in the Paul Ricoeur's hermeneutic of appropriation and Roman Ingarden's phenomenological investigation into concretization.

Storing & Sorting
    5.0 - 5.34

Stakes the claim that models and material practices stand in a dialectical relation to each other. Posits that non-reductive functional approaches to narrative enhance the modelling of an interactive sensorium and opens the way for non-trivial analysis of narratives coded in other than linguistic means.

    6.0 - 6.6

Recapitulates the progression of the critique of dyads and playful rifts on "body".

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