Professor Brian Stock
for timely encouragement and a most appealing directional style.

Professor Brian Fitch
for the gift of the quest for the informing metaphor.

Professor J.E. Chamberlain
for the reminder that there is more than one way to "tell" a story.

Professor Peter Nesselroth, Professor Ricardo Sternberg and Ms. Aphrodite Gardner
for maintaining the superb environment of
the Centre for Comparative Literature at
the University of Toronto

Marlene Goldman, Bridget Keegan, Mary Helen Kolisnyk and Marie-Michelle Strah
for the exchange of words and ideas,
via e-mail, via post and in person.

George Lang
for introducing me to the work of Douglas Robinson, the somatic theorist of translation and for his very pleasant hospitality.

The late Bill Readings
for the gracious exercise of conviviality and introducing me to Ronald Judy.

Ronald Judy
for the kind permission to quote from his correspondance the marvelous and thoughtful reminder regarding the heterogeneity of consciousness and discourse.

Professor Lubomir Dolezel and Doctor Craig Squires
for the generous commentary on the Chapter entitled "Emulations"

The Rutgers-Princeton Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (CETH) 1996 Summer Semminar participants and instructors.
In particular, Susan Hockey and Willard McCarty, Geoffrey Rockwell, Pamela Cohen, Mary Jo Watts, Michael Sperberg-McQueen, Stephanie Stauffer, Angelee Johns, Robert Knapp, Jerome Clinton and Pascal Michelucci.
Thanks to all for technical assistance and great conversation about the allied nature of textuality, virtuality and interactivity.

Douglas Chambers
for the hospitality of Stonyground
for the walks, talks and stimulating contact

for a fifteen year dance through the meta, the hyper, and the labour.
for a dancing that continues...

wake bridge prow

copyright © François Lachance 1996
All Rights Reserved