Dyads and Dialectics - Note No. 1

"[130] In our approach these three "Worlds" overlap and are inextricably interwoven; and even for analytic purposes we feel that there is little justification for so separating them.  We believe that what are material things, what is subjectivity, what is knowledge, all overlap;  and what these are seen to be will differ.  The notion that only "encoded knowledge" is knowledge, and that anything which isn't encoded doesn't count, we reject.  [131] We do so on experiential grounds.  We all of us treat as "knowledge" a great many things, a great many of which aren't "encoded", in Popper's use of this term.  But this doesn't mean that they aren't encoded and treated as having objective and material existence by people in our everyday lives." (Stanley and Wise 1993, 130- 132).