Tracking the Remembrance of Touch



i. halycon

night flight
so utterly vacant now
without your sweet co-navigator
in grief unable to track
ROAD CLOSED spots on the calendar

the anniversary of his dying
easier than his birthday
you missed the flight
by a day

you catch another flight
8 months of new aloneness
do not displace
9 years of yearly events
marked by an act done together
purchase to nest
birthdays a day apart


ii. clearance

vulture to the pelican breast
in your dreams
magpies and cuckoos
await like scrappy gulls
in the wings

only centaurs and satyrs
have the eminence to chart your stars
turn your distraction to distinction

they inhabit more than your dreams, we do

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Tracking the Remembrance of Touch ©1996 François Lachance